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2021 Sonic Branding
Hymn of Solidarity

Bozar, always on the move, always moving.

For us, the familiar BOZAR sound has to evolve, without changing radically.

But intellectually it also needs a upcoming fresh approach. An original base. Something innovative to build a solid future on.

The new sound logo has to express exactly what the new graphic logo does. Communicate Bozar as “a word” which has “a slide twist” in the letter “a”. On first side, the name looks usual but a second look shows you more. Discreetly and efficiently.

Our sonnic branding is based on the same magic. The word Bozar is composed by 5 letters we bring to life. This leads us to the use of a musical cryptogram, a cryptogrammatic sequence of musical notes.

This is a well known and serious composition method. The most common musical cryptogram is the B-A-C-H motif. But also Schumann, Brahms and many other important and even contemporary composers used the technique.

The musical cryptogram is more then just a game. To the knowledgeable listener it brings a share message: we have something in common. We belong to the same artistic world.

Bozar in 5 letters we put in a tempo of 5/4. With a open cord on A (or La), the note that sets the tone. Result: using the complete alphabet from A to Z, the sound logo of Bozar is composed by Si, La, Mi, La, Re

These notes are played by instruments from classical, ethnic to electronical. Articulated in a dialogue evoking the complete Bozar universe. From the historical heritage to the most contemporary skills.

The table of the alphabet corresponding to the musical notes looks like this:

Besides that, we also recorded the Belgian National Orchestra in their national habitat after the devastating floods in Wallonia in 2021.